Our aim is to provide the children in our care with a happy and secure environment, which stimulates and encourages their natural development. We aim at independent decision making by the children, supported by our team of qualified staff, but the emphasis is on fun, within the context of a structured day.

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What Yeovil College Nursery provides

  • An understanding, gentle and gradual introduction to the centre which is dictated by the child’s progress during this time.
  • A flexible day, all year round provision for children of college staff, students and for community children.
  • A secure, consistent and stimulating environment for the care of young children aged 3 months to 5 years where the needs of the children are paramount.
  • An educational and social setting to encourage and support children in their natural development.
  • A stimulating planned curriculum in accordance with OFSTED requirements.
  • A negotiated training facility and resource for care courses operating within the college to enable students to observe and become involved in good practice.
  • Staff / child ratios recommended by OFSTED are met at all times.

  • Yeovil College Nursery's Equality & Diversity policy is fully operated in relation to allocation of nursery places, staffing and work experience programmes

    Yeovil College Nursery Curriculum Planning

    Children learn through play and by providing a full and varied programme of activities, which are appropriate to both age and ability.

    Communication and Language and Literacy

    Children will have the opportunity to listen and respond to a variety of stories, music and rhymes. They will be encouraged to express themselves through a wide variety of activities allowing them to extend and develop their conversational skills.
    Physical Development

    Development in this area will be achieved through indoor and outdoor activities, which allow children to move with control and co-ordination using both large and small apparatus.

    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    Children will be encouraged to form good relationships with adults and peers, enabling them to practice skills of sharing, working together in groups, helping themselves and others and being aware of the needs of themselves and others.

    Children will be introduced to sounds and letters and their interest stimulated through access to a wide range of reading materials, such as books, poems and other written resources


    Through a wide and varied selection of activities children will have the opportunities to say and use numbers recognise numbers and reliably count to ten.

    Understanding the World

    Introduction to other cultures and beliefs will give them a wider knowledge of the world around them. They will be given opportunities to learn and talk about living things, events past and present, the environment and the natural world.
    Expressive Arts and Design

    Activities including paint, model making, cutting, sticking, and the use of natural and manmade materials. They will express and communicate their thoughts and ideas through role play and imaginative play.


    Fees are payable one month in advance and a reservation fee may be required to secure your place. Please see our Policies and Procedures page for details. All fees include lunch / tea or any snacks depending on the sessions your child is attending.
    Ofsted Report

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    Children’s Centre Policies and Procedures

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