Yeovil College | Policies & Reports
General Policies & Reports

Report & Financial Statements 2017


Report & Financial Statements 2016


Academic Appeals Procedure 2017


Academic Misconduct Procedure 2017


Assessment and APL-RPL Procedure 2016


Attendance Procedures 2016


Bereavement Policy and Procedure 2016


Customer Service Policy 2016


Conflict of Interest Procedure 2017


Controlled Assessments Policy 2017


Data Protection Policy 2015


DBS Procedure for Students 2017


Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy 2015


Equality and Diversity Policy 2017


Exam Access Arrangements Policy 2017


Exam Contingency Policy 2017


External Verification and Examination Procedure 2016


Fee Policy 2017-18


Health and Safety Policy General Statement


Health and Safety Policy 2016


Health and Wellbeing Policy 2017


HE Admissions Regulations 2016


Malpractice and Maladministration Policy 2016


Learner Disciplinary Procedure (Conduct) 2017


Ofsted 2016


QAA Action Plan 2016


Quality Assurance and Improvement Policy 2017


Pre-Entry Advice and Guidance Policy 2016


Residential and Non-Residential Trips and Visits Policy 2016


Safeguarding Policy 2017


Social Media Policy 2017


Software Licensing and Management Policy 2016


Student Support Funds Policy 2017-18


Student Support Service Referral Procedure 2017


Sub-Contracting Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 2017-18

Sub-Contracting Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 2016-17


Subcontracting 2014-15 Fees and Charges Summary Year End


Subcontracting 2015-16 Fees and Charges Summary Year End

HEFCE Prevent reports:

Significant progress by higher education sector in working to prevent people being drawn into terrorism

Analysis of Prevent annual reports from higher education providers for activity in 2015-16

Sustainability Policy 2016