Health & Social Care – Level 3

Introduction to this course

These study programmes have been designed to open doors to a career in the Health & Social Care sector. We will work together to bring your studies to life – working with different vulnerable groups across the spectrum. The Level 3 programme looks at greater specialisation in an areas such as nursing, occupational therapy, social work or teaching.

We will support classroom learning with visits to Yeovil District Hospital Academy where you will be taught by professionals from different areas within the hospital. We will also work with older people in the community and with the children from our day nursery. The programme covers communication skills, therapeutic and creative activity, healthy living and the impact of nutrition, and much more.

A work placement is an essential element of the Level 3 study programme, allowing you to experience working with different people who access Health & Social Care services in various settings.

How to Apply?

You can find out more about applying here

Entry Requirements

 Level 3 -  You will need five GCSEs at grade A*-C, including English and maths.

Duration of this Course

The 90 Credit Diploma takes one year. If you successfully complete this course, you can progress to the Extended Diploma top up, which takes an additional year, making two years in total.

Career Prospects

Beyond Level 3, you can apply for university level training such as the HND in Health & Social Care available at the Yeovil College University Centre.

Further training can prepare you for specialist roles such as nursing, occupational therapy, teaching, social work, youth or community work. Alternatively, you can seek employment in the Health & Social Care sector.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through coursework, assignments, portfolios, presentations and practical work. These are set and marked by your lecturers.

Course Content/Units

Mandatory Units

The course units give you a broad understanding of Health & Social Care principles and practice when working with both adults and children. To gain your qualification, you must pass all the units and accrue 90 credits each year.

Year One Units (90 Credit Diploma)

Unit 1 - Developing Effective Communication in Health & Social Care (10 credits)

Unit 2 - Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health & Social Care (10 credits)

Unit 3 - Health, Safety and Security in Health & Social Care (10 credits)

Unit 4 - Development through the Life Stages (10 credits)

Unit 5 - Anatomy and Physiology for Health & Social Care (10 credits)

Unit 6 - Personal and Professional Development in Health & Social Care (20 credits)

Unit 7 - Sociological Perspectives for Health & Social Care (5 credits)

Unit 8 - Psychological Perspectives for Health & Social Care (5 credits) Diploma

Unit 11 – Safeguarding in Health & Social Care

Year Two Units (Extended Diploma Top Up)

Unit 9 - Values and Planning in Social Care (10 credits)

Unit 10 – Caring for Children and Young People (10 credits)

Unit 20 - Promoting Health Education (10 credits)

Unit 22 - Research Methodology for Health and Social Care (15 credits)

Unit 24 – Introduction to Counselling Skills for Health & Social Care (10 credits)

Unit 25 – Coping with Change in a Health & Social Care Context (5 credits)

Unit 26 – Caring for Individuals with Additional Needs (5 credits)

Unit 27 – Dealing with Challenging Behaviour (5 credits)

Unit 28 - Caring for Older People (5 credits)

Unit 40 – Dementia Care (5 credits)

Unit 43 – Technology in Health & Social Care (10 credits)

Expenses for this course

Recommended textbook - Approximately £25 per year. You will need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, which will cost £45 (correct at time of print).