A Level English Language

Introduction to this course

If you take A Level English Language as part of your study prgramme you will become a language detective, searching for linguistic clues in speech and writing, gathering evidence and presenting your case with conviction and flair. You will learn to look at language with new eyes and hear it with new ears - as well as growing as a writer with opportunities to write in a variety of styles. You will be encouraged to produce real material, test it on your target audience and then redraft it until it reaches a professional standard.

How to Apply?

You can find out more about applying here

Entry Requirements

You need five GCSEs at grade A* to C, including grade A* to B in English. You should also enjoy both creative writing and the analysis of language in use.

Duration of this course

AS Level is a one year course and A Level is a two year course. Enrolment is only in September.

Career Prospects

This study programme prepares students for university degree study programmes in Linguistics, English Language, Creative Writing, Speech Therapy, Media and Education. With further training and/or work experience, you can progress to a range of careers in sectors such as Teaching, Journalism, Marketing or Speech Therapy.

How will I be assessed?

Your knowledge and skill is assessed through coursework (49%) and exams (60%).

Course content/units

Introduction to the Study of Language:You will study the language we use in everyday life and learn how people make choices about how to express themselves. You will be introduced to a linguistic framework that will enable you to understand and describe language.

Language and Social Contexts:You will consider the ways in which our use of language is influenced by those around us and by the different roles we play.

Language and Gender:the differences between how men and women communicate

Language and Technology:how advances in technology change the way we use language

Language and Power:how we can influence others through our language choices.

Original Writing:You will learn to write in a variety of styles for different purposes: entertaining, informative and persuasive. For instance, you might produce a magazine article, or a radio play, an advertising pack or a web site. You are usually free to choose your own subject. Throughout the year we encourage you to produce real material, test it on the target audience and then redraft until it is successful. The best of your writing will form the coursework folder you submit for assessment.

Investigating Language:You will carry out a research project of your own choice. In the past students have looked at topics like football commentary, conversations in soap opera and real life, advertising slogans and children's writing.

Language Development:This module covers two major linguistic topics; How children learn to talk, read and write and How language changes with time, including the influence of technology on language today.

Expenses for this course

Recommended AQA textbook – Approximately £17.