A Level Further Mathematics

Introduction to this course

Do you find maths fascinating? Are you likely to go to university to take a study programme which contains a lot of maths? If yes, then Further Maths is designed to deepen your mathematical reasoning and knowledge by exploring exciting and powerful new areas like complex numbers and matrices. Learning advances techniques will allow you to tackle a wide range of real life problems in mechanics and statics.

These abstracts, algebraic topics are widely used and are extremely important in subjects such as Physics, Aeronautical Engineering and Electronics at degree level.

How to Apply?

You can find out more about applying here

Entry Requirements

You need five GCSEs at grade A* to C. You should have achieved A or A* in GCSE Maths and already be taking A Level maths.

Duration of this course

A Level is a two year course. Enrolment is only in September.

Career Prospects

Further Maths is increasingly required for university study programmes such as Maths, Physical Science and Engineering.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through exams only.

Course content/units

Mandatory Units

AS Level Units:

  • Further Concepts for Advanced Mathematics (FP1)
  • Mechanics 1 (M1)
  • Mechanics 2 (M2)

  • A Level

    Including the above, plus:

  • Further Methods for Advanced Mathematics (FP2)
  • Decision 1 (D1)
  • Mechanics 3 (M3)