A Level History

Introduction to this course

The study of History produces a unique and challenging perspective regarding the relationship between ordinary people and the socialm economic and cultural situation they developed in. If you make History part of your A Level study programme, you will analyse and explore topics including the origins of war, the Russian Revolution and African American Civil Rights.

There is always a trip related to one of the history units to destinations such as Poland, Spain, Germany and Italy.

How to Apply?

You can find out more about applying here

Entry Requirements

You need five GCSEs at grade A* to C.

Duration of this course

AS Level is a one year course and A Level is a two year course. Enrolment is only in September.

Career Prospects

History at both degree and A level provides opportunities in a wide range of areas, such as Teaching, Public Services and industry. The skills you will develop are also highly valued in Management and Training. History is regarded as a challenging and rigorous subject. It is also useful for careers in journalism, education, the media, the public services, business management and the law.

How will I be assessed?

A variety of methods of assessment will be used. At AS level students will be examined in both units through a mixture of structured questions and source-based tasks. At A level, one unit will be examined by a traditional essay question, and the final unit will be assessed through a piece of coursework.

Course content/units

Unit 1: A Study of Britain 1906 to 1951. This centres on how modern Britain was forged through events such as the two World Wars and the Great Depression.

Unit 2: African-American Civil Rights 1950 to 1968. This focusses on the campaign for African-American Civil Rights and examines the success of the movement.

Unit 3: Aspects of International Relations, 1945-2004. An examination of the shaping of the modern world with particular reference to the Cold War.

Unit 4: Historical Enquiry: A long essay on the reasons for the success of the Nazi Party in Germany by 1933.

Expenses for this course

You are encouraged to have your own textbooks, although some materials are provided. Trips - Approximately £40 each. Optional residential to Berlin - £375.