Yeovil College celebrate British Science Week

Yeovil College Science students took part in a wide range of practical activities all week.

Tasks included creating test tube redox reactions, investigating rates of reaction, to use titration to make salt, demonstrate pressure on a can, egg and marshmallow and extract caffeine from coffee with solvent.

The College Science students: Ross Hooper, Dan Butler and Alex Ramoru said ''Science Week has allowed them to develop their skills with fun, hands on activities.''

They each have different plans for the future. Ross is interested in studying Environmental Science at university, Dan would like to do an Electrical Apprenticeship and Alex would like to go onto university to study Chiropractic's.

Work Experience student Tyler Parker, 14, Stanchester Academy, said "It has been exciting experimenting with different chemicals and working with the high-level Science students within my work experience at the college. I'm hoping to study at Yeovil College when I leave school."

Ollie Page, 16, formerly of Preston School, said, "More students should be encouraged to study Science."

"I enjoy the theory side of my Chemistry course and like that I'm able to take part in the practical sessions to vary my learning."

Access to Science student, Helen Coy, said, "It has been a unique experience because I've been able to conduct my own experiment."

Science students: Georgia Stevens and Olivia Forry said ''Science Week has allowed us to do hands-on practical tasks to back up the theory work we do in class. We enjoy studying at Yeovil College because of the wide range of equipment available in the Science Labs.''

Science student: Oscar Wilson-Chalon, 16, formerly of Holyrood Academy, said "The practical sessions help me to develop my skills and progression into becoming a Forensic Anthropologist."

The College has excellent science teaching and learning using The Science Centre as a great environment to work on experiments, watch dissections or demonstrations and explore ideas.

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