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Diploma in Technology in Learning Delivery

Introduction to this course

The Level 4 Diploma for Technology in Learning Delivery qualification has been developed by education practitioners for aspiring learning professionals, including learning assistants looking to qualify as tutors, assessors, lecturers and trainers.

It is designed to enable professionals to effectively use technology in their learning delivery and assessment activities.

The Level 4 Diploma for Technology in Learning Delivery qualification will provide the opportunity to develop competency in blended learning and assessment based on pedagogy.

How to Sign Up?

Find out more information or to register interest, please contact: 01935 423921

Alternatively, if you're ready to apply click here

Duration of the Course

Duration: 18 Week Course

Start Dates:

Monday 8 January 2018

Time: 6pm till 9pm

How will I be assessed?

Assessment evidence will be in the form of a Portfolio containing:

Naturally occurring workplace evidence;

Observation records/recordings;

Expert witness testimony and, if necessary

Recordings of structured questions and answers and

Centre-created assignments or scenarios where there is not

opportunity to cover all the required competencies in the workplace

Course content/units

Summary of units

301 Using Collaborative Technologies

This unit aims to improve the skills and knowledge needed by the candidate to manage and effectively integrate and facilitate the safe use of IT tools and devices for collaborative working and communications. The candidate will explore the use of collaborative technologies.

402 Applying the use of Technology to Learning Delivery

The unit provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding about the principles of learning to enable learning to be enhanced through the safe application of technologies. It includes planning for the use of technology in learning activities and to support learners with specific learning needs.

403 Sharing practice of technology in learning delivery

The unit is about how the practitioner uses their own skills in using technology in learning delivery to enhance learning with colleagues and to disseminate practice across the organisation.

Expenses for this course:

Course Fee: £980