Part-time courses at Yeovil College

There are lots of reasons why people chose to study part-time at Yeovil College. Some would like to try a new hobby and get the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Others might be setting up a business and need some additional skills, such as Bookkeeping or Marketing, to help them achieve their aims. Whilst other people might be returning to work after having a family and are looking to re-train so that they can get a job.

Whatever your reasons, we have a wide range of leisure and professional courses on offer which are run through the year, at times to suit you.

You can search online here for the most up-to-date courses or look out for our Adult Course Guide, usually published in January and May each year. You can view an online verison of the booklet here!

Once you have had a look through the courses, you can download an application form in our How to apply section.

If you need some additional Information, advice or guidance on what course to study, enrolment queries, or the different types of financial support available, then call our Student and Customer Service team on 01935 423921, or email

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To find out how to apply, call our Student and Customer Services Team on 01935 423921 or visit our How to apply section.